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Bergamot Oil FCF

Bergamot Oil FCF

Citrus bergamia risso



Bergamot Oil FCF (Furanocoumarin Free) is manufactured by the distillation of cold-pressed Bergamot Oil. This process removes the Furanocoumarin content of the oil. This allows the product to be used in higher concentration for cosmetic applications. The oil presents as a water-white mobile liquid with a dry, sweet flora, citrus odour.

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Product Code: CEO0019
Aroma: Dry sweet floral citrus
Botanical Source: Citrus bergamia risso
Cultivation: Conventional
Chemotype: N/A
Production Method: Essential oil extracted by distillation and rectification from Citrus bergamia
US CAS: 8007-75-8
Einecs No: 289-612-9
EU CAS: 89957-91-5
Part of the plant used: Fruit Peel

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