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Wholesale Resinoids

Looking for 100% pure wholesale Resinoids ? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We provide Resinoids to flavour and fragrance manufacturers globally and focus on providing an outstanding service and product, from our expertly selected Resinoid ingredients to our dedicated account managers who oversee the entire purchase process.

Resinoid oils are commonly used across the flavour & fragrance industry with principle uses in cosmetics as well as other aromatherapy products. As a leading wholesaler of Resinoids and essential oils we can supply businesses with a range of Resinoid oils including Benzion, Myrrh and more.

See our available Resinoid types below.

Types of Resinoids

  • Benzoin Resinoid Siam
  • Benzoin Resinoid Sumatra
  • Elemi Resinoid
  • Galbanum Resinoid
  • Labdanum Resinoid
  • Myrrh Resinoid
  • Olibanum Resinoid
  • Opoponax Resinoid
  • Styrax Resinoid
  • Tolu Resinoid
  • Vanilla Resinoid

Currently our wholesale Resinoids start from a minimum order quantity of 1kg and so we ask customers to enquire with our team directly to ensure we can assist with individual requirements effectively.

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Quality Assured Resinoid Oil

Since 1971, J.C.Buck have been trading Essential Oils & Allied Raw Materials and so we know a thing or two about quality! Every single product we supply has been tested and certified to ensure our customers receive an Essential Oil, Absolute Balsam or Resinoid that exceeds expectations.

To ensure you are completely satisfied with your product we can, if required, mix together your desired Resinoid with solvents such as DPG, which are commonly used alongside oils to make them easier to handle during production of end products.

We can also send you a sample of your desired Resinoid oil, to let you see the quality of our oils first-hand. Contact our experts for more information.

Resinoid Oil with Sustainability in Mind

To ensure we give back, as our oils have given so much to us, we’re committed to helping our planet thrive and so with every order placed, a tree is planted thanks to our partnership with Ecologi. We hope to not only provide businesses with outstanding Resinoids but to also give back to our planet which provides us with the very thing we need to create our high-quality materials.

We supply only the best natural ingredients