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Sage Oil Dalmatian

Sage Oil Dalmatian

Salvia officinalis



Steam distilled from the dried leaves of the Salvia officinalis herb, Sage Oil Dalmation finds a multitude of uses in both flavour and fragrance preparations. It finds many uses in the flavour industry being used for marinades and sauces but also quite often in flavours destined for use in mouth wash and other dental hygiene-related products. In the development of fragrances, the material is mainly used as a top note material where it will blend well with Lavandin, Rosemary and citrus materials. The Oil presents as a pale yellow to colourless liquid with a fresh herbal odour.

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Product Code: CEO0178
Aroma: Fresh herbal
Botanical Source: Salvia officinalis
Cultivation: Conventional
Chemotype: N/A
Production Method: Essential oil extracted by distillation from Salvia officinalis L.
US CAS: 8022-56-8
Einecs No: 282-025-9
EU CAS: 84082-79-1
Part of the plant used: Leaves

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