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Camphor Oil White

Cinnamomum camphora


CAS: 8008-51-3

A by-product of the production of Camphor Crystals, Camphor Oil White is separated from the camphor crystals by fractional distillation. Originating in the Wood, Roots & Branches of the Cinnamomum camphora tree. Camphor Oil White can be used as a starter for the production of various natural aromatic chemicals such as cineole, pinene, terpineol, para-cymene, menthol and thymol. As the name suggests the oil presents as a water-white mobile liquid and has a fresh medicinal odour.

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Product Code: CEO0025
Aroma: Fresh medicinal
Botanical Source: Cinnamomum camphora
Cultivation: Conventional
Chemotype: N/A
Production Method: Essential oil extracted by distillation from Cinnamomum camphora
US CAS: 8008-51-3
Einecs No: 295-980-1
EU CAS: 92201-50-8
Part of the plant used: Wood, Branches & Root Stumps

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