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Wholesale Fragrance and Cosmetic Essential Oils

If your business specialises in the creation of products such as perfume, soaps, candles or even skin care, our range of natural essential oils for fragrance and cosmetic purposes are 100% pure and available in a spectrum of popular oil types such as Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Basic Oil and more, all of which are available to be shipped worldwide.

Give back with every order! As part of our committed partnership with Ecologi, a tree is planted with every order placed through our website.

Why choose J.C.Buck Essential Oils for Fragrance and Cosmetics?

Unlike traditional fragrance oils, we specialise in essential oils for the use of fragrance and cosmetics. Our range of essential oils are natural and 100% pure. Fragrance oils tend to be referred to as ‘synthetic’ due the combination of aromatic plant parts and synthetic components that are combined to create scents that aren’t traditionally considered ‘natural’ such as pumpkin or vanilla.

Our essential oils are all laboratory tested and are 100% pure, meaning there have been no synthetic components added. For this reason, our essential oils have a longer life-span and can have natural medicinal and aromatherapeutic benefits.

Why Choose J.C.Buck Essential Oils?

At J.C.Buck we think differently, we’re a team of experts and professionals who specialise in quality assurance. This quality assurance allows us to distribute essential oils that we’re proud of. As all of our essential oils for fragrance and cosmetic use have been tried, tested and approved and are therefore 100% pure, you can rest assured you’re purchasing a top-quality product that has been crafted with care.

The care and passion we put into our essential oils we put back into our clients, to ensure we can provide an excellent service, from purchase to distribution and beyond. What’s more, when you purchase from our family business, as part of our sustainability partnership, we plant a tree for every order purchased through our online store!