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Wholesale Balsams

Here at J.C.Buck we provide customers and businesses globally, with high quality, 100% pure & natural Balsams. Balsams are an extremely popular raw materials which have spectrum of uses across the flavours & fragrance industry, these can include aromatherapy, cosmetic use as well as incorporating in soaps and perfumes.

If required, we can mix your chosen Balsams with solvents such as DPG to ensure the product is easier to handle during production processes.

Types of Balsam

  • Copaiba Balsam Crude

  • Copaiba Balsam Rectified

  • Gurjun Balsam

  • Gurjun Balsam Rectified

  • Peru Balsam

  • Peru Balsam Rectified

  • Tolu Balsam

  • Tolu Balsam Rectified

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Quality Assured Balsam

J.C.Buck have been trading Essential Oils & Allied Raw Materials since 1971, so we know a thing or two about quality! Every product under the J.C.Buck name has been tested and certified to ensure our customers receive an Essential Oil, Absolute, Balsam or Resinoid that exceeds expectations.

Currently our wholesale Balsam Oils start from a minimum order quantity of 5kg and so we ask customers to enquire with our team directly to ensure we can assist with individual requirements effectively.

If you would prefer to check the quality of a product before moving forward with a final purchase, we’re happy to send you a sample of your desired Balsam oil. We’re confident in our quality assured products and can provide further information regarding the type of Balsams that you are interested in.

More Than Just Balsam Oil

Aside from our wholesale Balsams being tried and tested, as well as certified in our laboratory using technical analysis, we’re committed to helping our planet thrive and so with every order placed, a tree is planted thanks to our partnership with Ecologi. We hope to not only provide businesses with outstanding natural products  but to also give back to our planet which provides us with the very thing we need to create our high-quality materials.

We supply only the best natural ingredients