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Our Full Range of Wholesale Absolutes

Our full range of absolutes includes anything from Ambrette Seed Oil to Tuberose. If you require an absolute that isn’t available for purchase through our online store, feel free to contact a member of our team today and we will strive to meet your requirements.

If you wish for something unique to help stand out from the competition we are also able to develop custom oil blends that are specific to your individual needs and requirements, simply contact us to find out more.


Ambrette Seed Absolute


Basil Absolute
Beeswax Absolute
Blackcurrant Bud Absolute
Bran Absolute
Buchu Absolute


Cardamom Absolute
Carnation Absolute
Cassie Absolute Egyptian
Chrysanthemum Absolute
Cistus Absolute
Clary Sage Absolute
Cocoa Absolute
Coffee Absolute


Elderflower Absolute


Fenugreek Absolute
Fir Balsam Absolute
Fir Needle Absolute


Genet Absolute
Geranium Absolute


Hay Absolute


Immortelle Absolute


Jasmin Absolute Indian
Jasmin Absolute Sambac
Jonquille Absolute


Labdanum Absolute
Lavandin Absolute
Lavender Absolute
Lentisque Absolute
Linden Blossom Absolute


Marigold Absolute
Mate Absolute
Mimosa Absolute


Narcissus Absolute


Orange Flower Absolute
Orris Absolute
Osmanthus Absolute


Pink Lotus Absolute


Rose Absolute
Rosemary Absolute


Seaweed Absolute


Thyme Absolute
Tobacco Absolute
Tonka Absolute
Tuberose Absolute


Vanilla Absolute
Violet Leaf Absolute


White Champaca Absolute

Natural Absolute Oils

All of our wholesale absolutes are only sourced  from growers and producers who share our values surrounding quality and sustainability. The importance of consistency of the raw materials that are used in our oils cannot be emphasised enough which is why our trusted suppliers have been supplying us with high quality and natural materials for many years – quality that you can trust.

What Makes Us Different?

Our dedication to quality, sustainability, and service is what makes J.C.Buck different. With a dedicated account manager that will oversee the entire purchasing process and fragrance and flavour experts ensuring the quality of each product in our laboratory, we are therefore able to provide nothing but the highest quality absolutes to our client base made up of professional perfumers and flavourists.

Our dedication to these core values goes beyond this, we strive to make tangible assurances to our clients by becoming ISO 9001:2015 accredited for our quality management process while also working toward an ISO 22000 Food Safety Management accreditation.

Our dedication doesn’t stop there, we have also moved into a state-of-the-art food grade facility to expand our capacity to deliver the quality of natural absolute oils that our clients have become accustomed to receiving.