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Wholesale Absolute Oils for Fragrances & Cosmetics

Our absolute oils can be used in fragrances and other cosmetic applications. Using absolutes to develop your fragrances can allow you to achieve a scent much closer to the original plant and with our quality assured products you can’t go wrong!

If you wish to purchase an absolute oil that is not listed here, simply contact a member of our team to discuss your requirements further.

Absolute Oils vs Essential Oils

Absolutes and essential oils that are made from the same plant material can have characteristics and chemical make ups that vary. Absolutes are often thicker than traditional essential oils as the extraction process allows for the bigger molecules in the plant material to appear in the final solution. However, many of the differences largely depend on the specific plant material and oil being produced.

When used in fragrances, absolute oils can produce a scent that is closer to the original plant material that was used due to the higher concentration that can be achieved through extraction process.

Why Choose J.C.Buck?

We have been delivering high quality products to our clients since the company was founded by J.C. Buck himself in 1971. All of our products are quality assured in our laboratory by our fragrance and flavour specialists, only using materials from suppliers and manufacturers that share our values.