Welcome to J C Buck

Established in 1971 by John Charles Buck for the import and distribution of Essential Oils and Aromatic Ingredients, J.C.Buck Ltd. has grown dramatically in the ensuing years and is now a major supplier to the world's markets.

U.K. stocks are critical in providing the rapid service required by our clients in today's business environment, and our extensive range of products is stored under optimum conditions in our warehouse, complete high-capacity stainless steel tanks and filtering systems for repackaging and blending.

A commitment to total quality management is the cornerstone of our operating policy. Incoming materials are subjected to strict sampling procedures and only utilised after on-site analysis, involving GCMS, to ensure conformity to standard quality specifications. Investment in the latest information technology gives instant access to purchase, sales and analytical data, allowing immediate response to inquiries and speed in fulfilling the final order.

The Company has developed a management and staff team blending experience, reliability and creativity. Right through the supply chain, from sourcing at origin to final delivery, we work to ensure the consistency of quality and service demanded by our clients.